Sunday, 6 July 2014

Bora Bora - Paradise on Earth

Bora Bora one of the islands of French Polynesia, but the only one of its kind in the world. Nowhere else can you find a beautiful lagoon with so many shades of blue, which surrounds the peak Otemanu (727 m). Swimming with sharks is also an unforgettable attraction that you will not find anywhere else. A trip to Bora Bora is undoubtedly one of my most memorable trips in my life.

Most hotels and government departments are located on the atoll surrounds the island, not without reason, moreover. View really is breathtaking (of course it costs).

But maybe right from the beginning. Holidays to Bora Bora I started from the outlet of London, as the living and working in England, it was the cheapest solution. Direct flight to Bora Bora is not, so you have to fly to Los Angeles, then on to Tahiti Papeete, only From there on Bora Bora. Return can be the same way but I decided go back by Papeete, Auckland, Sydney and Hong Kong. As it happened with the occasion fell off around the world. Easy to do , the only barrier was getting a visa to the United States. Late in the evening came the Motu Mute Airport in Bora Bora , than you can use free ferry on the Main island, I chose direct private shuttle to my hotel Eden Beach. Cheapest hotel on the atoll (400 euros / 7 nights) with probably the best view and location. Many people are choosing visit this place with your own tent, 20 euros for a camping for a week and this is a brilliant solution. About my hotel that I can say that the location was perfect, bungalow on the beach, swimming pool with views of the mountain , and that is all positive I can say about this hotel. More was to complain, but every morning you wake up and you see this
The weather is mostly solar and cloudless. Often clouds cover only peak on the main island.
The next days I spend on local tours and snorkeling. You do not have snorkeling even for seeing beauty of the local reefs and colorful fish, just go during low tide on the external part of the atoll and then the coral reef is above water level. You can freely walk on corals not dipping feet. Resorts mostly offer free transportation to the island or you can rent a water taxi.
 Best recommended activity is swimming and feeding with sharks . Helicopter flight around the island (only 300 euros), 4x4 safari is already only additional attractions. You can  go alone to the island and visit some . You can rent bikes or hiking on the surrounding mountains from which the view is amazing (especially around the Matira hotel area). But you have to see for yourself. Once it was just a dream , now Bora Bora is easy to reach of each "if only very, very much want to." I always thought it You need set  priorities for yourself.

Fly tickets - 2 500 euros
Hotels        - 1 800 euros
Pocket       -  1 00 euros
counting all expenses per person (we were two) hotels from Los Angeles to Hong Kong, meals and local tours around  5 000 euros.

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