Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Best Power Bank on The Market - 50000 mAh Petiisntoy, external USB charger for mobile phones, tablets, cameras etc...

Petiisntoy 50000mAh is the best and most powerful external charger with dual USB for iPhone, iPad, HTC, others mobile phones, PSP, Cameras, MP3 etc...

This power bank backup is easy too use, good pocket size -a little bigger than Iphone 5, two USB output sockets 2.1A and1.0A. You can buy it for about  £/$/€ 15-18.

In test i charged three different devices and it working perfect.

 Charging this device take around 10-12 hours and can charge youre iphone 6-7times, Ipad 80%. Charging Iphone in full takes about 1,5 hour. Recommended for long journeys, picnic and wherever you need charge youre device. For me best travel device. 
Avilable in black, silver and gold colours on Amazon.


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