Saturday, 9 August 2014

10 things to complain about by a tourists.

Most reasons to complain by a tourists are:

1. Other tourists.

 People with whom we spend vacation or trip seem to be very annoying for us.

2. The hotel's additional payment.

We can not accept the fact that we need to pay for additonal things, like for  TV , air-conditioning, safe, etc.. Unfortunately, every country has its own rules, and even if we will pay per day at the hotel 500 Euro like in Marina Bay Sands in Singaporewe have to pay additionally for using wifi.

3. Hotel's restaurant.

The food in the restaurants is very frequent reason to complain. We can complain for every course. I've found even the opinion about "all inclusive" that is useless because you have to eat what they will give you, but in a restaurant you can eat what you have choose.

4 Too expensive excursions.

Tour prices in hotels are always expensive. But if you go outside hotel ,same trips you can get for half  price in local travel agencies.

5 All Inclusive.

Drinks are always not strong enough. We can not take 6 drinks just before closing bar. Good solution for this problems always are tips for barman.
The only "all inclusive" -24 hours, where no one seems to complain can offer hotels in Cancun.

6. Reserving sunbeds at the pool.

The eternal problem. The morning brawl at the pool, complain for others , is the norm in every resort. We complain, complain and then very next day of course we throw the towel on sunbed, because everyone wants to have a good place in the pool.

7. Not enough space on airplanes.

Here I will agree 100 percent. The aircraft is very little legroom. Even after the airline change seat for thinner, called "bus seat", We still have not enough legroom. But this  is the cost of a cheap flight. You can always buy extra seat with more space for legs.

8. Standards.

It could always be something better. Even in the five-stars hotels.

9. The local guides.

The guides on excursions often are not good enough. Sometime they are boring. Bad english.

10. Travel agency.

Generally summarizing holidays, We blamed for all the flaws travel agency, which is understandable. Most complain is  about the shortened holiday. On 7-days holidays We are flying in the late Friday evening and come back on Thursday morning, and here seven days become in 5 days holiday. Sometimes tourist operator give Us accommodation in resort , where currently ongoing renovations.

The truth is that We complain often, because we have reasons. We need to remember one thing, its like with everythings, more expensive is always better(sometimes there are exceptions). As a consolation to all of You, I can say that I met higher hotels standards in Tunisia than in the resorts in Bora Bora or Hong Kong, and after spending a couple of nights at the Hotel Jumeirah in Dubai and Marina Sand Bay in Singapore still I am happy with the standards of cheap hotels in Greece, Turkey and Spain.

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