Saturday, 14 March 2015


Amsterdam is very interesting city. Everybody can find here something for thier eyes , soul and body.
Truly recommended for visit . Very friendly for tourists nice located, a lot of museums , restaurant , coffeeshops with smoking room , where you can smoke hash , marihuana and its legal.

Every main  attraction is located in city centre , so two days is enough to see it . Of course if you stay longer then more you like it . Best way to visit is buy ticket for sightseeing bus and canal cruise boat all together valid 48 hrs. Boat trip is more interesting, you can see old town without stuck in traffic .
I recommend staying in small hotel opposite some canal and night walking around red light district .
Its look like legalised soft drugs and prostitution makes this city very special and very attracts tourists here . Of course everything is for people but in the right dosage:-)

The most iconic attraction is big sighn "I amsterdam" (i don't know why) and sex museum, erotic museum, hash and marihuana museum where you can see live growing bush of marihuana , Van Gogh and Rembrandt museum. You need to visit also Beurs van Berlage, big old tower with stunning view -open from April to October:-(

The weirdest thing i saw wasn't live show porn theatre, not people smoking weed everywhere, not prostitutes every colour and shape in red light district but toilet with big glass door, so anybody can see you seating on the pan, of course when i finished i released, there is some trigger which makes door milky and opaque.
Amsterdam 13 Top Attractions in Video:

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