Saturday, 14 March 2015

Rio De Janeiro

Rio De Janeiro.Its look like tourism its not important for this city. Beautiful located, many beaches , a lot to see. Best way to visit Rio is take City Tour with all attractions (cost about 150 reals), its expensive , but you visit all important places. As a holiday destination its not best place. Its hard to find there someone speaking english (in seven days i meet maybe three people).

Not safe by night . I was attacked in Copacabana beach after sunset by six young thief, which try stolen my camera, after short fight and shouting at loud they runaway without nothing. Some places are not safe also at day , like parks and slums even if you going with tourists guide you can be robbed. (even your cloths can be taken,but its kind of attraction:-) So better if you leave your valuables things in hotel.

On the weekend Copacabana and Ipanema are too busy and noisy. Empty in week days. Flamengo is really nice beach with nice view warmer and calm water. Long cue to the Jesus statue and Sugar Loaf. Too many people over there.
Overall Rio is worth to visit,but more like a city break then long stay holiday.
If you stuck in Rio for long time you can visit Buzios , nice located, different climate, better than Rio for clubbing and shopping. Regrets i wasn't stay there for night.
Best Things to visit in Rio - watch video:

Copacabana Video:

Ipanema Beach Video

Rio in photo:

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